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CampusVault is an innovative platform designed specifically for Nigerian universities, aimed to streamline vehicle registration, enhance student safety, and improve incident reporting processes.

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About Us

CampusVault, your partner in campus safety

CampusVault enables students and campus residents to report various incidents, including accidents, safety concerns, and academic issues, by submitting detailed reports and multimedia evidence directly from their mobile devices. The system promptly delivers these reports to university authorities, promoting a safer and more responsible campus environment.

Our Amazing Features
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Driver registration Drivers can easily register their vehicles on our platform by providing the required information, including vehicle type, make, model, license plate number, and other details.
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Vehicle verification Our platform employs advanced tech like AI and ML for vehicle verification. Only verified vehicles are allowed on campus. This enhances safety and security for students and authorized drivers.
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Mobile app verification Students,Staffs and individuals on the campus can easily verify the vehicles they enter on the campus through our mobile app.
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Real-time updates Our platform provides real-time updates on the status of the vehicles registered on our platform, ensuring that students and drivers have the latest information at their fingertips.
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Secure data storage All data entered on our platform is securely stored and encrypted, ensuring that the privacy and security of the users is protected.
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User-friendly interface Our platform has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for drivers and students to navigate and use the platform, making it accessible to everyone.
50 +Registered Vehicles
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Experience peace of mind with the CampusVault mobile app. Whether you're a student or staff member, our app empowers you to swiftly and effortlessly confirm a vehicle's status by scanning a convenient QR code or inputting the license plate number.

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CampusVault enhances university security. Our satisfied customers share their positive experiences. Read their testimonials

Emeka EdehDriver, Unizik
CampusVault has made my life so much easier as a driver on campus. The registration process was quick and the verification process is a breeze. I highly recommend it to any university driver.
John OjahStudent, Unizik
As a student, I feel much safer on campus knowing that I can easily verify the vehicles I enter. The CampusVault mobile app is user-friendly.
Emeka EdehStaff, Unizik
CampusVault has been a valuable addition to our campus security efforts. The platform is easy to use for both drivers and students and has helped us significantly improve our campus security.
Emeka EdehStudent, Unizik
I can't express enough how much peace of mind the CampusVault mobile app has given me. Being able to scan a QR code or enter a license plate number to verify a vehicle's status has made me feel safe and secure when entering campus vehicles.

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CampusVault is designed to provide a secure and efficient solution for a safer campus community

Your one-stop solution for all things
surveillance and safety on campus!

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